About Us

Pippa McLeod is the person behind the Hip-Pip brand. She has a social science degree from UCT but is self taught on the design side. A love of fabric and of making things from an early age, supplemented by a sewing course whilst in her teens, has paved the road to where the Hip-Pip brand is today.

Pippa has collaborated with interesting people from the design world on a number of different projects. And although handbags form the basis of the Hip-Pip brand, loads of other ideas fly by with some coming home to nest ( so to speak!) Hip-Pip now has a range of eco gift tags, using left over pieces of fabric and recycled paper, a small range of leather smalls(key rings, journal covers and so on).

Pippa is always keen to assist people in the creative industry by getting that product or design idea manufactured and into the retail outlet!